TechHire CodeSprint – July 23, 2016
Jul 11th, 2016 by Cleveland Tech Events Administrator

TechHire CodeSprint - July 23, 2016 -

Our Summit County TechHire community is participating in one of the largest online coding events of the year exclusively for TechHire bootcamps and nontraditional schools – the first ever TechHire CodeSprint!  The CodeSprint is first and foremost an opportunity for your students to showcase their skills to employers looking to hire.

The coders will have 48 hours to prove how well they can code by solving 8 new challenges, ranging from basic programming to advanced algorithms.  Learn more here.  The Top 200 coders will win a combined $10,000 in prizes and have the opportunity to directly showcase their skills to employers who are hiring.

On Saturday July 23rd at 9 a.m. – 5 p.m., the Software Guild located at 526 South Main St. Akron, OH will host coders as a kickoff to the 48 hour event. If you would like to attend the kickoff please register here.

9:00 a.m.         Welcome, Kickoff announcement, Breakfast and networking

12:00 p.m.       Lunch

5:00 p.m.        Closing of competition onsite event (competition still open online).

Throughout the day, The Software Guild would like to have both Guild and community organization members available to mentor those interested in learning more about coding and bootcamps.

Get involved:

· Invite your coding students and alumni network to participate.  Students that participate at the Software Guild will also be able to participate in a raffle with prizes that include a $500 scholarship to attend The Guild, and a $50.00 gift card to Amazon!

· Get your employer partners to sign up here.

· Register to attend the kickoff at The Software Guild here.

All Aboard the Startup Bus (5/15-5/19)
Apr 19th, 2016 by Cleveland Tech Events Administrator

From our friend Will Yaworsky from the tech community…


This year StartupBus is leaving from Akron Ohio! 

We’ll be hitting all the raddest hot spots and tech shops as we make our way to Boulder Startup Week, where buses from 3 countries & 7 cities will converge in the quest for StartupBus glory. 

If you’re crazy enough to hop on a bus and build a business with a bunch of strangers in 3 days - or you know someone who is - send them our way.

May 15th – 19th
(use the invite code “cletech”)
 For any questions, contact Will at
NASA’s International Space Apps Challenge – 4/22 – 4/24
Apr 16th, 2016 by Cleveland Tech Events Administrator

At this time next week, hopefully you’ll be hacking with us at the International Space Apps Challenge!


Dates:  April 22-24
Location:  NASA Glenn Research Center – Mission Integration Center, Building 162
Address:  21000 Brookpark Rd., Cleveland, Ohio

We need to know your real names. Some people registered using clearly non-real names! If we don’t have your names, you cannot be badged to enter the NASA facility.  Edit your information by logging in here.


Click here to see our complete schedule and important information about the Cleveland event.


It’s not too early for you and your team to start thinking about your projects; find the most current Challenge information here.

While any project that relates to NASA-related work is very welcome and is eligible for local prizes, only projects that work to solve one of the designated challenges on the main Space Apps Website are eligible for global judging and award

We have more than 100 people currently registered, but there’s room for more.  Tell your friends!

Youth involvement:
Students under the age of 16 need to be chaperoned.

If you are a minor or the parent of a minor participating, please email Maggie Howell at She will send you a photo release and consent release form that must be signed and brought to the event


You can form your team at any time. If possible, we recommend that you form at least the foundation of your team prior to the event. You can then complete your team by adding ‘free agents’ at the event to round out your team. You can use the Slack channel to form a team.

If you do not have a team prior to the Space Apps weekend – don’t worry! Register and show up and we’ll make sure that you find a team that can benefit from your skills and insights.


Space Apps Cleveland has set up a Slack team for this event. It will be our primary method of communicating during the event and the organizers and participants can make use of it before the event to propose projects, create teams, and ask questions. We have sent an invite to everyone who has signed up as of the evening of April 14.

We will also be tweeting from @spaceappsCLE.

When You Arrive

Because NASA Glenn is a United States Government facility, access is restricted.  Please review the NASA Policy on visitorsPlease note:  All adult visitors are required to present a current and valid form of government-issued photo identification, such as a driver’s license.

Tribe Hackathon 2016 – May 6 & May 20-21
Apr 16th, 2016 by Cleveland Tech Events Administrator

On Sponsoring CodeMash 2016…
Jan 6th, 2016 by Cleveland Tech Events Administrator

This year, I chose to sponsor the Artemis simulator at CodeMash.  A lot of people were wondering why I did this, so I wanted to put this out there.

Why sponsor a tech conference when you aren’t hiring someone or looking for work?

This site isn’t about me – it’s about the community.  When I saw sponsorship opportunity, I saw that as community promotion opportunity.  Whenever I’m thinking of Cleveland Tech Events, I’m thinking of the community and what I can do to help gain us visibility and help us grow.

What types of community promotion will we see by the Artemis simulator?

I found some of the bigger events for some of our local tech communities and chose to promote those.  Those events are:

Knowing CodeMash’s audience, I also included a list of groups and technologies in the area, including:


  • Ruby
  • Python
  • CocoaHeads
  • Unity
  • Android
  • .NET


  • Ohio North SQL Server User Group
  • R
  • Hadoop


  • Syn/HAK
  • Make on the Lake
  • Cleveland Makers Alliance


  • B-Sides Cleveland

I also included links to Gaming Nomads (my friends who bring the Artemis simulator, games, and even some awesome chainmail pieces), our calendar, and the Cleveland Tech Slack channels.

You can download the PDF of my sponsorship signs here.

Why CodeMash?

I’ve been at CodeMash in varying roles – attendee, speaker selection, speaker, and sponsor – throughout the years.  I’m also friends with the organizers – fellow developer community members – and more happy when I can sponsor their events. CodeMash is the greatest conference in our local area to promote our community – not only to fellow Clevelanders and Akronites, but also to other communities throughout the US and the world.  If other communities see what we do, then hopefully they’ll be inspired to unite like us and be strong and awesome like us!

How does a site like this afford a sponsorship?

Cleveland Tech Events is financially tied to Cleveland Tech Consulting, LLC.

How can we get you to promote our events in future sponsorships?

Reach out to me on Twitter with links to your events or even calls for speakers!  I’m on Twitter as @clevtechevents and also as @sadukie.

Happy CodeMashing!

TechPint – Networking for Techpreneurs
May 1st, 2013 by Sarah Dutkiewicz

Between emails from NEOSA and hanging out at LaunchHouse, I’ve been hearing about some awesome buzz in the tech world here in Cleveland.  One of the upcoming events is TechPint – an event that helps tech entrepreneurs and investors.  This is what I’ve heard…

What’s TechPint?

On Thursday, the 20th of June, the first TechPint event will be held in Cleveland. This new event series will then be held every 3 months in drinking establishments across the city. TechPint will feature speakers that will shake things up for you and give you a chance to see how fellow innovators are progressing with new ventures. Pints will be flowing freely, and undoubtedly new ideas and connections, too.


TechPint will take place in the Market Garden Brewery in Ohio City from 5:30PM until they kick us out. But you can expect most of the action to take place between 6PM and 9PM. Make sure you get there early for drinks and heavy appetizers.

What you’ll experience

At TechPint we are celebrating the startup, with positive attention brought to failing as well as success. So expect to hear from people speaking about very specific challenges that they are working through such as finding the right people for a startup, growth hacking and recent failures (and subsequent learnings!). TechPint is primarily focused on Internet tech (web, apps etc.), but with most businesses having to leverage online in some way, there will be something for all.

Who’s it for?

TechPint is exclusively for active entrepreneurs and investors. (So if you wish to sell something, this isn’t the event for you.)

For more details, check out

NASA International Space Apps Challenge 2013
Mar 7th, 2013 by Sarah Dutkiewicz

In case you haven’t heard….

NEOSA, in partnership with Cuyahoga Community College, is pleased to host the NASA Space Apps Challenge 2013 in Cleveland, Ohio.  They’ll be hosting this app hackathon at Tri-C’s Advanced Technology Training Center.  If you haven’t had a chance to check out this facility, yet, I highly recommend it!

The hackathon starts on Friday evening with a reception and networking, followed by work on Saturday and Sunday.  Breakfast & lunch are provided on Saturday and Sunday.  Saturday will primarily be a working day, and Sunday will include an interactive judging of solutions and an awards ceremony.

You can find more details, including a registration link, at:

Pittsburgh Tech Fest 2013 Call for Speakers & Sponsors
Mar 1st, 2013 by Sarah Dutkiewicz

Our friends in the Pittsburgh tech community have reached out to us to help promote their Pittsburgh Tech Fest that’s happening on June 1, 2013.

From their site:

Pittsburgh TechFest is a one-day event where software development professionals from Southwestern Pennsylvania and surrounding areas will get together to talk and learn about perfecting our craft.


Due to our generous sponsors, the registration fee is only $10 for the entire day-long event and includes free lunch. View sponsorship levels, and then apply to be a sponsor.


Topics will include coding, tools, agile, project management, etc. All development disciplines (devs, testers, PMs, DBAs, BAs etc.) and all development stacks (Ruby, Java, .Net, JavaScript, Python, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.) are welcome!

They’re looking for speakers!  If I wasn’t on vacation, I’d definitely submit talks to this event.  Having spoken in Pittsburgh a couple times, I can assure you that they won’t hold it against us that we may be Browns fans. :)  They have a great tech community there, and this event shows it off well!  If you want to be speaking with some of the greatest technical speakers in this area, you should sign up here:

They’re also looking for sponsors! Did I mention that this is a great tech community?  The event itself – like many events – takes a lot of community effort, but there are still some costs associated with the event.  Sponsorship helps make it affordable and also helps promote your company to the tech community.  If you’re interested in sponsoring this event, please check out:

Let’s show the Pittsburgh Tech Community the love & talent of the Cleveland Tech Events community!

I hope to see some Cleveland names on the speakers & sponsors list!

This one time… at GiveCamp…
Feb 29th, 2012 by Cleveland Tech Events Administrator

This one time… at GiveCamp… That’s how I start most of my GiveCamp tales.  I’ve participated in GiveCamps in Ann Arbor, Columbus, and Cleveland.  My favorite ones so far, hands down, are the ones here in Cleveland.  I’m not just saying this because I’m a native Clevelander, but based on the awesomeness and level of overwhelming that I’ve felt at the past two GiveCamps.

What’s a GiveCamp?

Business analysts, project managers, graphic designers, software devs (mobile apps/desktop apps/web apps/websites), content writers, and others come together, donating a weekend of their time to help non-profits that have been selected to receive our help.

From Friday night to Sunday afternoon, teams of developers come together to help fulfill a non-profit’s dream of a project.  Requirements are gathered ahead of time, so that there’s some guidance for these devs in a short period of time.  Most non-profits have a contact on site or at least available throughout the weekend.

This is a great chance for us to put our talents to work and help those in need.  You can read more about GiveCamps in general at:

Who Has Benefitted from past Cleveland GiveCamps?

There have been a variety of non-profits that have been helped.  Last year, developers put together a website and Cinecraft donated their talents to create a video for ASL Advocates, which is featured on the ASL Advocates home page.

Other non-profits with projects have included:

More of our past non-profits are listed on the For Charities page of the Cleveland GiveCamp site.

How Can I Help?

This year’s event is July 20-22, 2012 and is once again hosted by LeanDog and Burke Lakefront Airport.

It takes a wide variety of roles to make a successful GiveCamp. Whether you are a developer, designer, requirements gatherer, IT person, or even non-technical person who wants to help … they (the organizers and the non-profits) appreciate the volunteers.  They also appreciate any help they can get from the sponsors, as the sponsors help provide funding to make this event possible.

Here’s a peek at last year’s GiveCamp (video by Kevin Dutkiewicz):

Look like fun? Sign up to volunteer today!

Have you participated in a past Cleveland GiveCamp?  Want to share your experience here? Drop me an email at admin at clevelandtechevents dot com, and we’ll get it posted.

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