Microsoft Store Community Events – Fun for All Ages!

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Microsoft Store Community Events – Fun for All Ages!

April 20, 2013 Community News 0

Disclaimer: I am not a Microsoft employee. I am not a Microsoft Store rep. I happen to be a mom with a son who enjoyed an event there. I also happen to be a fan of Microsoft Stores, having visited the Bellevue, WA store on my trips out to Redmond.  I am promoting the store here because they want to help the community at no cost, and no cost is a good deal in my book. That and Microsoft sponsors many of our user groups in the area. – Sarah

For those who haven’t heard, we now have a Microsoft Store here in the Cleveland area. It opened on April 13th at Beachwood Place, on the Lower Level, across from the Lego Store.  While they have various Microsoft platforms represented – Xbox, phones, tablets, laptops, and desktops, they not only showcase the hardware but also how to use it with various apps.  They also have a theater area for user groups and other events – Xbox devices are available as part of the event.  They will host user groups there for FREE!  The theater area seats about 40-45 comfortably with up to 60 including standing room, based on what they told me on my tour this past Sunday.  Not only will they host groups, but they also host their own stuff as well, and I wanted to make you aware of their programs.

Microsoft Store Gaming Events

Calling all gamers!  The Microsoft Store is hosting gaming events, giving you a chance to game with other gamers!  Some games currently include League of Legends, Call of Duty, Injustice, Halo, and Street Fighter.  For more on the Microsoft Store’s gaming events, check out their gaming-specific meetup at:

The rest of the events below are part of the Microsoft Store’s general Meetup.  You can find that at:

Tech Tots

Calling all caregivers and children ages 2 to 6!  The Microsoft Store is running a program for children of this age group called Tech Tots.  My son and I attended our first Tech Tots event yesterday, and Amanda and Pierre were two Microsoft Store reps who ran the show. They had various apps to show the kids, including playing a connect the dots app and Fresh Paint on the large touchscreen.  They also had toys and snacks – including organic fruit snacks, goldfish, and Capri Sun drinks.  Amanda and Pierre were great interacting with the kids, and other store associates would also come by and join in.  Rakesh did a great job acting like a kangaroo with one of the little girls there.  They run Tech Tots on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays 1:00pm – 2:00pm.

Getting to Know Your Windows 8 Device

If you are interested in Windows 8 or Windows RT devices or have recently purchased one, be sure to check out this workshop on how to take advantage of the various features that are in Windows 8.

Intro to Office 2013

Learn more about the tools that help productivity and collaboration in Office 2013.


We have a new resource in the community, one that would love to host your event and be a partner with the community at large.  The Microsoft Store at Beachwood Place is staffed with such welcoming, friendly people.  I highly recommend checking it out!