Some newer meetups to check out…

What's happening in Cleveland's tech community

Some newer meetups to check out…

March 27, 2013 User Group News 0

While I’ve been joining various Meetup groups with the official Cleveland Tech Events account to get their meetings on the calendar, I figured I should mention a few of the new groups.  Hope you find them interesting!  Here are their names – with links to the individual meetups – and basic summaries.

Cleveland Augmented Reality & Human-Computer Interface Design Group

We’re bringing the next wave of human-computer interactions to Cleveland. Augmented Reality, Wearable Computing, Google Glass & Location Based Services innovation discussions, designs, development, architecture, social networking. Investigating design, development and marketing of augmented reality and its interfaces.

Internet of Things Cleveland Meetup

Hey Cleveland! Ready for a tech revolution? Soon the new “Internet of Things” industry will change our lives by allowing us to connect, control and monitor “things”  with our smartphones. These smart devices will rely on an internet connection to stay in constant contact with us no matter where we are in the world. Imagine preheating your oven before you leave work, or opening a garage door remotely to let your son into the house, or even having your alarm clark start your morning shower. Sound like the Jetsons? It’s not! The technology exists today and product manufacturers are beginning to take notice and integrate it into their product lines. So let’s chat about it! All Northeast Ohioans are welcome regardless of your background.

We’ll be offering presentations and guest speakers covering a wide range of topics that touch upon all ends of the spectrum.  What to expect? Some technical talks, some philosophical discussions, and even demos are sure to be part of what you’ll experience.

WiTty Perspectives – Women in Tech in Cleveland, OH

Are you a woman in tech? Or perhaps you’ve mentored and helped women in tech
navigate the industry? Whatever your role may be, this group is to help address
issues common to women in tech and provide constructive criticism, feedback,
share stories, and do what we can to promote the tech industry to get more women
involved. Whether we want online forums or to share our stories in person, we
can do both here with the help of Meetup!

 The Microsoft Store | Beachwood Place Mall

If you have a group that meets once a week, once a month, or even once a year let the Microsoft Store at Beachwood Place Mall be the location where you host your event! Our Theater is open to all kinds of groups; ranging from book clubs, tech groups, small business groups, gaming teams and tournaments, PC gaming, and many more. We also provide private group training sessions, workshops, guest speakers to concerts and organization meetings. We are proud members of the local community and welcome opportunities to host events for our friends and neighbors. Whether you’re looking to enhance your organization’s technology skills, build awareness in the local community for the services your organization provides, or simply host a meeting for your members, our Theater provides the ideal environment. The best part about our Theater, it’s FREE to use! Message us today so our team of experts can work with you on creating an exciting event for your group!