Pittsburgh Tech Fest 2013 Call for Speakers & Sponsors

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Pittsburgh Tech Fest 2013 Call for Speakers & Sponsors

March 1, 2013 Event News 0

Our friends in the Pittsburgh tech community have reached out to us to help promote their Pittsburgh Tech Fest that’s happening on June 1, 2013.

From their site:

Pittsburgh TechFest is a one-day event where software development professionals from Southwestern Pennsylvania and surrounding areas will get together to talk and learn about perfecting our craft.


Due to our generous sponsors, the registration fee is only $10 for the entire day-long event and includes free lunch. View sponsorship levels, and then apply to be a sponsor.


Topics will include coding, tools, agile, project management, etc. All development disciplines (devs, testers, PMs, DBAs, BAs etc.) and all development stacks (Ruby, Java, .Net, JavaScript, Python, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.) are welcome!

They’re looking for speakers!  If I wasn’t on vacation, I’d definitely submit talks to this event.  Having spoken in Pittsburgh a couple times, I can assure you that they won’t hold it against us that we may be Browns fans. :)  They have a great tech community there, and this event shows it off well!  If you want to be speaking with some of the greatest technical speakers in this area, you should sign up here:


They’re also looking for sponsors! Did I mention that this is a great tech community?  The event itself – like many events – takes a lot of community effort, but there are still some costs associated with the event.  Sponsorship helps make it affordable and also helps promote your company to the tech community.  If you’re interested in sponsoring this event, please check out:


Let’s show the Pittsburgh Tech Community the love & talent of the Cleveland Tech Events community!

I hope to see some Cleveland names on the speakers & sponsors list!