New 2013 Feature – Adding NEOSA Events

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New 2013 Feature – Adding NEOSA Events

January 21, 2013 Site News 0

Last month, I became a member of COSE, and being in the tech field, this also puts me under the NEOSA (Northeast Ohio Software Association) umbrella.  Some of their events are networking related, while others include tips and tricks for the tech industry.  They even do a Best of Tech Awards event in April, which focuses on some of the best companies in technology in the area.

In 2013, I will be listing more of the NEOSA events on the Cleveland Tech Events calendar, still leaning on more of a technical lean than on a soft skills type of lean.  I hope to include more tales on what life is like as a NEOSA member as time goes on.

This year, there will be more posts about Cleveland’s tech community, including organizations that help grow technology.  If you have a group that you’d like to recommend, fill out our recommendation form!