This one time… at GiveCamp…

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This one time… at GiveCamp…

February 29, 2012 Event News 0

This one time… at GiveCamp… That’s how I start most of my GiveCamp tales.  I’ve participated in GiveCamps in Ann Arbor, Columbus, and Cleveland.  My favorite ones so far, hands down, are the ones here in Cleveland.  I’m not just saying this because I’m a native Clevelander, but based on the awesomeness and level of overwhelming that I’ve felt at the past two GiveCamps.

What’s a GiveCamp?

Business analysts, project managers, graphic designers, software devs (mobile apps/desktop apps/web apps/websites), content writers, and others come together, donating a weekend of their time to help non-profits that have been selected to receive our help.

From Friday night to Sunday afternoon, teams of developers come together to help fulfill a non-profit’s dream of a project.  Requirements are gathered ahead of time, so that there’s some guidance for these devs in a short period of time.  Most non-profits have a contact on site or at least available throughout the weekend.

This is a great chance for us to put our talents to work and help those in need.  You can read more about GiveCamps in general at:

Who Has Benefitted from past Cleveland GiveCamps?

There have been a variety of non-profits that have been helped.  Last year, developers put together a website and Cinecraft donated their talents to create a video for ASL Advocates, which is featured on the ASL Advocates home page.

Other non-profits with projects have included:

More of our past non-profits are listed on the For Charities page of the Cleveland GiveCamp site.

How Can I Help?

This year’s event is July 20-22, 2012 and is once again hosted by LeanDog and Burke Lakefront Airport.

It takes a wide variety of roles to make a successful GiveCamp. Whether you are a developer, designer, requirements gatherer, IT person, or even non-technical person who wants to help … they (the organizers and the non-profits) appreciate the volunteers.  They also appreciate any help they can get from the sponsors, as the sponsors help provide funding to make this event possible.

Here’s a peek at last year’s GiveCamp (video by Kevin Dutkiewicz):

Look like fun? Sign up to volunteer today!

Have you participated in a past Cleveland GiveCamp?  Want to share your experience here? Drop me an email at admin at clevelandtechevents dot com, and we’ll get it posted.