About Cleveland Tech Events

What's happening in Cleveland's tech community

What happened to Cleveland Tech Events?

In October 2008, Sarah Dutkiewicz created Cleveland Tech Events to help publicize some of the user groups in the area.  This was a side project with no intention to grow large.  However, the community kept referring more groups, so the site grew.  Unfortunately, the calendar plugin we used changed its subscription model, making the cost to run the site as a side project unfeasible.  Add to it that Sarah went back to work full-time in May 2016 and has taken on greater responsibilities, there really isn’t enough time to maintain the site with its original intentions.

However… an event in April 2017 required a bit of assistance, and with that, Cleveland Tech Events became a legal name registered to Cleveland Tech Consulting.  While the original mission is aborted, a new mission is in place and active.

What is your new mission?

Cleveland Tech Events rebranded in early 2017 with the following goal:

To serve the tech community as an organizer of events, coordinating the planning of events for the technical community, and facilitating sponsorship fund transfers for technical events in Northeast Ohio

If you need help planning an event in Northeast Ohio that is facing the technology community, please reach out to us on Twitter as @clevtechevents.